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FramySoccer is a program that will put a photo in your desktop
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FramySoccer is a program that will put a photo on your desktop. It will put that photo inside a frame shaped as a soccer ball. The program allows to load any picture that you have on your hard disk. FramySoccer will let you set the zoom level you want to apply, or rotate the image as you wish. You can customize the level of brightness and contrast as you like.

The program will not only show the photo you selected. By right clicking on its interface, you will see a context menu that will give you access to some Internet services. Some of them did not work when I was writing this review, such as the Web Search, Music Search or Encyclopedia. They all open a web page, but you will not obtain any results, no matter what you enter. If you put a key into the box that is located in the program interface, and press the "Go" button, the program will open a web page that offers you to look for that key in Google (that does not work), Yahoo!, Ask and MSN (in this last case, it will look in Bing).

The TV Guide option will open Yahoo! TV or similar pages, offering you to search for TV information in some countries in North America or Europe.

You can also see the weather forecasts for some cities in United States, Canada or Europe, using the service provided by The program also lets you see the horoscope through the AdZe MiXXe Web Page.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free


  • A lot of services do not work anymore
  • It just display information for very few countries
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